There is no comparison around when it comes to quad. If you're particular, this is the place! The descriptions of the product is two tiered. The taste of the product is a hit and miss, with description of the product. The description of the effects are bang on!!!!!!!! I come here when I can afford it, but it is sooooooo worth it. Delivery is quick and super friendly and flexible. There is no doubt in my mind when they say quad they mean it. It reminds me of some powerful OG I came across when I lived in BC. I understand product like this is hard to come by, if their was a change I could recommend would be prices...but who wouldn't. It's the sacrifice that's totally worth it, treat yourselves! This is a bold statement, but I say it with sincerity that this is probably the best place to go to for product.Wish I had the time to smoke with my delivery haha. You guys are my #1
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