People like me

I know there are people out there who have tried all these companies from weed maps. I have been chasing a high for months . This company is the only one I can hit that high that I want. All you have to do is look at the weed and you know it's way better than majority of these places. I have smoked at least 20 different strains this year. Tried numerous companies, went back and forth between a few. But no matter what nothing compared to bcbud. You can smoke the same strain from other companies and it's no where near as good... must be the growers . Like the sunset coast for example. You get this from bcbud an it's promo! Looks good smells good and the high almost gives me a heart attack. Then I buy same strain from different place and it's shit... I go through a half o in 3 days . Reasons I use bcbud - Flower is by far better than these other so called AAAAA that other companies are selling. I spent a lot of money since December trying to find a solid place. No doubt this is it.
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