Excellent all around

I've tried ~10 places on WM, all rated 4.5 stars or above with 200 or more reviews. Even with that cutoff, I've found the quality to be hit or miss, often paying quad prices for upper mids. I'm in town again so I gave these guys a shot and ordered a 1/4 of Mike Tyson at $70. Right off the bat I love the glass jar the product comes in. A+ for that. The smoke itself was exceptional. Had a juicy resin ring on the joint and it was incredibly smooth and obviously cured very well. I was stones halfway through, but I found it more cerebral than couch locking. A face melting high with solid legs (everyday user). The bag appeal, freshness, and nose were all top notch. Big nugs, caked in trichomes, and extremely sticky and fresh with good density and spongeness. Heavy gassy smell with hints of skunk and a sweetness mixed in. Fantastically pungent. Very professional delivery driver, and its nice to actually receive AAAA quality when you pay AAAA prices! Cheers.
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